September 12, 2014  

Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 2Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 1  Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 3 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 4 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 5 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 6 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 7 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 8 Elding Oscarson @ decor8.gr 9

Elding Oscarson is the joint operation between Johan Oscarson and Jonas Elding. Their collaboration combines substantial experience from employments in Sweden and Japan, covering both local and international architecture, from large projects to small ones – museums, theaters, private houses, interiors, furniture, and product design.

We see a townhouse in Landskrona. The narrow site is sandwiched between very old neighboring buildings. Three thin slabs are projected into the open volume, softly dividing its functions. The continuous interior space is opening up to the street, to an intimate garden, and to the sky. 2009. Photos by Åke E:son Lindman.

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   September 11, 2014  

the Jarmates @decor8.gr 2the Jarmates @decor8.gr 1  the Jarmates @decor8.gr 3 the Jarmates @decor8.gr 4


A low-volume producer of Greek delicatessen products entrusted 2yolk agency with the creation of their brand of marmalade and chutney for limited distribution in Greece, with a view to overseas marketing in the near future.

The unexpected marrying of two different but similarly packaged products, each of which is made in seven different recipes, was enough for us. THE JAR MATES was an obvious choice of name. Tasting them all was yet another matter: a real trip! And it was just this that we were inspired to illustrate: a myriad collection of fruit, a kaleidoscope of flower blossoms, punk style pin-up girls, angular shapes, bright colours. All brought together in a collage to show you what you might see if you close your eyes just for a second as you taste the ultimate natural high: fragrant Greek fruits, and wines produced on Greek soil!

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Posted by: Noni