November 20, 2014  

Sopi Su the imperfections @ 1 Sopi Su the imperfections @ 2 Sopi Su the imperfections @ 3

The inspiration cames from the Japanese author Sei Shonagon, best known as the author of The Pillow Book. It is a book of observations about her life during the early 11 th century while she was serving in the court of the Empress. It includes her personal thoughts, interesting events and poetry. This project is based on my observations of daily life’s imperfections, and each words or sentences are laser-cut out of card.

By Sopi Su


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Olson Kundig Architects _ Chicken Point Cabin

   November 19, 2014  

Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_1 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_2 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_3 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_4 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_5 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_6 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_7 Chicken_Point_Cabin_@_decor8.gr_8

Chicken Point Cabin Olson Kundig Architect

“The idea for the cabin is that of a lakeside shelter in the woods—a little box with a big window that opens to the surrounding landscape. The cabin’s big window-wall (30 feet by 20 feet) opens the entire living space to the forest and lake. Materials are low maintenance—concrete block, steel, concrete floors and plywood—in keeping with the notion of a cabin, and left unfinished to naturally age and acquire a patina that fits in with the natural setting. The cabin sleeps ten.”


Tom Kundig, Design Principal

Steven Rainville, Project Manager

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